The Sea Fogs

By Robert Louis

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By Robert Louis Stevenson

With an Introduction by Thomas Rutherford Bacon

Western Classics No. 1


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...It came from no mock humility, but from a feeling that nothing was
creditable to him...

Page 2

...I see its irresistible columns
moving through the Golden Gate across the bay to take possession...

Page 3 poison-oak and rattlesnakes
that I did not care to pursue my investigations very far. I...

Page 4 myself in that
earlier and fairer light.

One Sunday morning, about five, the first brightness called...

Page 5

...the dump, I began to observe that this
sea was not so level as at first...

Page 6

...came. So, mightily relieved, and a good deal
exhilarated by the sight, I went into the...

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...escape from the raw air that kept me coughing, but it
was also part in play.


Page 8 think the fog had hunted out its Jonah after all. But it was
the last...